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20 Minutes to a Top Performer

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- Featured in the February edition of HR Magaizine's Books in Brief! - The key to long-term organiz


Featured in the February edition of HR Magaizine's Books in Brief!

The key to long-term organizational success is the ability to move employees to action. Easier said than done, right? Not really. All it takes is three simple 20-minute conversations.

Alan Vengel has spent 25 years helping Fortune 500 companies empower their employees to perform at peak efficiency, generating measurable results organization-wide. Now, in 20 Minutes to a Top Performer, Vengel shares the secret to his and his clients' success: good old-fashioned communication. Inside, he explains how to engage your employees through specific, focused conversations, of which there are exactly three:

  • Coaching: Focusing on performance and feedback
  • Motivating: Focusing on engagement and interests
  • Mentoring: Focusing on support and development

Vengel dissects these types of conversations to illuminate how, why, and when to initiate each one. The conversations are not meant to be technical. They won't be uncomfortable or combative. They will simply be . . . conversations. And you'll be surprised at how quickly you see results. Your people will become better team players, take greater enjoyment in their work, tackle problems with verve, and, in the end, contribute valuable talent to your organization for the long term.

Managers are facing unprecedented demands to do more with less - a trend that is clearly not going to reverse in the foreseeable future. You don't need a Harvard Business School degree or expensive new technology to empower your workforce. All you need is the drive to make change happen.

20 Minutes to a Top Performer is a blueprint to helping your people succeed. And when they succeed, you and the entire organization succeed.

Table of contents

Introduction: Why 20 Minutes?

Part One: Coaching is Hot, but Over-Engineered

  • Ch 1: The 20-Minute Coaching Conversation
  • Ch 2: Want Some Feedback? No, Thanks!
  • Ch 3: Cold...Warm...Warmer...Hot! (Or, Why Giving Feedback is As Easy As Child's Play)

Part Two: Motivation Matters

  • Ch 4: the 20-Minute Motivation Conversation
  • Ch 5: Focus and Make it Real
  • Ch 6: Never, Never, Ever Give Up

Part Three: Mentoring for Development

  • Ch 7: The 20-Minute Mentoring Conversation
  • Ch 8: You've Got a Story - Your Life
  • Ch 9: Feeling Comfortable, Or Just Stale

Conclusion: Putting it All Together

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Name 20 Minutes to a Top Performer
SKU 48.53585
Year published 2009
Page count 224
Publisher McGraw-Hill
ISBN 9780071629317
Author Alan Vengel
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