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30 Reasons Employees Hate Their Managers

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- Do you know what your employees really think of you? How could your employees hate you? After all


Do you know what your employees really think of you? How could your employees hate you? After all, you're not a mean and nasty person. You don't threaten them or ridicule them, and you say a cheerful "Good morning!" every day.

But there is something about work that just makes it easy to build up real resentment of colleagues, of compensation, and of authority figures. "Manager" too easily becomes synonymous with "management". You're a person, but you're seen at best as a cog in the faceless corporate machine. You've probably got a boss, too, so you know how it feels when you think you are underappreciated, overworked, underpaid, micromanaged, shortchanged, singled out, lumped in, and just plain ignored.

But in case you've forgotten, this book is going to give it to you straight, straight from the horse's mouth. 30 Reasons Employees Hate Their Managers takes your side, but takes your employees' point of view in identifying dozens of things managers do that make employees stop caring, stop producing, and start looking for other jobs. You'll get a firsthand look at many of the surprisingly common "hidden" employee complaints, many of which seem to contradict one another:

They won't let me just do my job, and yet they never tell me what I need to know in order to do it. We're understaffed, but we do seem to have a lot of "dead wood." We're all treated like slaves, but there are different rules for different people. We have too many meetings, and we still don't get good information, either from management or from other departments.

There is no job security here, but at the same time, the thing I want most is to get out. Sounds like a nightmare, and yet these are the perceptions of millions of hardworking employees all over the world. So what are you going to do about it? Start by getting a full understanding of the problems, all of them.

This research-based book takes you inside troubled organizations, and shows how management problems translate to poor results. More important, you'll find eye-opening and refreshing stories of how such companies overcame and eliminated these dysfunctions. Each chapter also contains a Solutions section offering real, practical strategies for addressing concerns and improving almost any bad situation.

Additional Information
Name 30 Reasons Employees Hate Their Managers
SKU 48.33059
Year published 2010
Page count 222
Publisher AMACOM Books
ISBN 9780814417645
Author Bruce Katcher, Adam Snyder
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