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Beast Management

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Most approaches to workplace conflict rely heavily on rational and “let’s be reasonable” methods, such as mediation, crucial conversations, win-win negotiation, and the like. However, in dealing with people with low emotional intelligence, personality disorders, hidden agendas, and dysfunctional communication styles, rational approaches often fail or yield disappointing outcomes. Beast Management picks up where reasonable conflict resolution falls flat. It provides creative and powerful behavioral tactics that will significantly enhance your toolkit for addressing discord with difficult people in the workplace. Metaphorically depicting one’s adversaries as “beasts,” this book offers simple yet potent techniques for managing conflict when all else fails. Beast Management does not attempt to discredit or replace rational approaches to workplace strife, many of which can be effective when applied with the right kinds of people in appropriate circumstances. Rather, it offers unique methods for saving the day when reason has proven no match for the “beast” in your midst.

Additional Information
Name Beast Management
SKU 48.63506
Year published 2009
Page count 228
ISBN 9781441586810
Author Philip Chard
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