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Employment Labor Law Audit (ELLA) 9th Edition

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- The ninth edition of ELLA?, which now covers 27 employment practices areas: Adds new audit questi


There is an increasing interest and sense of urgency in HR audits as organizations seek to enhance the value of their human capital while reducing their exposure to employment related liabilities.  Like financial audits, HR audits can help organizations assess asset integrity and organizational well-being, help monitor and assess internal controls, help conduct due diligence, and help demonstrate a commitment to compliance. In the "war for talent" and with the growing recognition of the relationship between HR management and the bottom line, CEOs, CFOs, boards of directors, and internal and external auditors are increasingly finding HR audits a valuable tool to help their organizations align employment practices with business objectives.

ELLA helps organizations detect hidden problems, develop positive employee relations, assess internal control, implement risk reduction strategies, benchmark best practices, and prioritize corrective measures.  ELLA is based on the premise that organizations can't get the right answers if they don't ask the right questions.  ELLA first provides organizations with the right questions, then gives them the ability to self-evaluate their responses.

As a management tool, ELLA is a systematic and comprehensive method of enhancing the value of an organization's human capital while reducing its exposure to employment related liabilities.

The ninth edition of ELLA, which now covers 27 employment practices areas, adds new audit questions on:

  • Wage and Hour issues (including the Lilly Ledbetter Act),
  • The ADA (including the ADA Amendments Act), Immigration,
  • Leaves of Absence (including the new FMLA regulations),
  • COBRA and HIPAA, and
  • Human capital management.

In addition, ELLA provides a new Profile on Diversity.

Additional Information
Name Employment Labor Law Audit (ELLA) 9th Edition
SKU 48.13065-9
Year published 2009
Publisher Laurdan and Associates
Author Laurdan and Associates
Format Hardback
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