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Arts of Criticism DVD with Study Guide

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Quick Overview

Understand how to turn criticism to your benefit. - We often hear the term "constructive criticism.


Being able to give and take criticism is an essential part of every job. In this popular video, two employees have communication issues that affect the entire company. Their supervisor shows them how to approach each other with criticism that produces results while taking the other person's feelings into consideration. They also find out how to accept criticism by turning it into a chance to learn and understand that a problem exists. Better communication among coworkers equals improved relationships and higher productivity, turning criticism into a positive experience.

In this communication DVD, you'll learn:

  • When to criticize and when not to.
  • The Guiding Rule of criticism.
  • The 3-step formula for successful criticism.
  • How to keep your criticism on track and yourself under control.
  • The 4-A formula for controlling your emotions when being criticized.
  • How to assume a position of strength when being criticized.

We all need criticism. It's a part of learning. What we don't need is the anger, defensiveness, frustration and conflict that are so often associated with criticism. Use this communication DVD to establish a spirit of cooperation and growth, and create a more effective organization.

Study Guide: This 35-page guide contains all the lessons and examples from the video, along with exercises to practice the skills learned. Solutions like the EPM Formula and 4-A formula are spelled out, so that participants don't need to depend just on the notes they've taken. Format: DVD - 21 minutes Here are a few clip that you can previvew      

Here are a few clips of the video

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Name Arts of Criticism DVD with Study Guide
SKU 48.19038
Page count 21 minutes
Publisher Kantola Productions
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