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Managing Diversity

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- This award winning business management resource provides more than a 100 hands-on activities for a

- This award winning business management resource provides more than a 100 hands-on activities for any member of an organization accountable to an executive who wants to have a better global team or task force. It gives guidelines for implementing diversity initiatives from a strategic perspective, including a range of suggestions about measurement and evaluation. - Managing Diversity can be useful in a number of ways. It gives both a macro and a micro view of diversity. Which view you choose to focus on at any given time depends upon the objectives and needs of your organization. While the book is written from a U.S. American diversity perspective, it also has a global reach and framework. Readers are encouraged to adapt any tool in the book to their global or virtual teams reality or circumstance. - Section I is intended for practitioners who are dealing with the nitty-gritty issues that emerge when people from different places, backgrounds, ages, and religions come together in the workplace. This section is full of ready-to-use tools that can be used as is or adapted by managers and trainers for use with individuals, workgroups, or training session participants. In addition to hands-on materials, you will also find suggestions for dealing with specific diversity-related problems you may be encountering, such as when to use an interpreter, how to solve culture-related conflicts, or what techniques to use in implementing effective performance reviews amidst group members with different cultural practices and values. - Section II provides the macro view for change agents and those in charge of strategic planning. The information in this section can help you modify existing organizational systems to remove the barriers that prevent your organization from capitalizing on diversity. - Section III offers information that clarifies the difference between managing diversity and previous anti-discriminatory policies. - Managing Diversitys unique contribution is the range of tools and activities it offers managers, trainers, coordinators, consultants, and facilitators. The inventories and worksheets provoke rich conversations and provide methods for dealing with significant and sometimes tough issues. Each activity comes complete with objectives, a description of the activity, processing questions, and notes about special caveats or considerations. The training materials, audits, instruments, questionnaires, and tools are user-friendly and provide variety in purpose, complexity, and practicality. - About the Authors: Lee Gardenswartz and Anita Rowe are the principals of Gardenswartz & Rowe, a consulting firm in Los Angeles, California. They are the co-authors of several books, including Emotional Intelligence for Managing Results in a Diverse World (2008). - Table of Contents: - SECTION I: MAKING DIVERSITY WORK: THE WHAT AND HOW FOR MANAGERS AND TRAINERS - Chapter 1. Making This Book Work for You - Chapter 2. Diversity Then and Now: Changes and Trends - Chapter 3. Diversity: What It Is in a Complex World - Chapter 4. Dealing with Diversity in a Global Context - Chapter 5. Increasing Cultural Competence - Chapter 6. Learning the Cultural Etiquette of Communication - Chapter 7. Managing Stereotypes and Prejudice in the Workplace - Chapter 8. Building Multicultural Work Teams - Chapter 9. Performance Evaluation in a Diverse Organization - SECTION II: INTEGRATING DIVERSITY INTO YOUR ORGANIZATION: MODIFYING SYSTEMS TO CAPITALIZE ON THE BENEFITS OF A PLURALISTIC WORKFORCE - Chapter 10. Creating an Inclusive Culture That Leverages the Strength and Power of Diversity - Chapter 11. Diversity and Inclusion as an Organization Development Intervention: Culture Change That Works - Chapter 12. Conducting a Diversity Audit: Taking an Organizational Snapshot - Chapter 13. Recruiting and Hiring a Diverse Workforce - Chapter 14. Promoting, Coaching, and Career Development To Engage the Talent of Everyone - Chapter 15. Evaluation and Measurement: Tracking the Effects of Diversity Initiatives - SECTION III: AN EXTERNAL FOCUS FOR DIVERSITY - Chapter 16. Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, and Diversity: A Strategic Partnership - Chapter 17. Diversity and Inclusion Means More Than Equal Employment Opportunity - Chapter 18. Making Diversity Work: Summing It Up - Appendix: Diversity Resources
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