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Successful Onboarding

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- Fact: 1/3rd of all external hires are no longer with the organization after 2 years. What can you
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Fact: 1/3rd of all external hires are no longer with the organization after 2 years. What can you do about it? In a word: onboarding; although poorly understood, subject to narrow definitions, and with limited best practice understanding or management rigor. Consultants Mark Stein & Lilith Christiansen have worked with leading companies on it, and they've synthesized their work into a ready to use system. 

With Successful Onboarding, you can:

  • Rewrite the employer-employee compact to everyone's advantage
  • Reduce time-to-productivity while increasing the level of productivity and retention
  • Make improvements at the systemic level with gains realized with regularity
  • Enroll new hires in your company's strategic plan
  • Successful Onboarding provides a business case, a systemic approach to the entire process, and instructive inside stories from Apple, Starbucks, Netflix, Microsoft, Baird, Bank of America, John Deere, and dozens of other industry leaders.

Books in Brief Summary in HR Magazine

"Tossing down the corporate welcome mat for new hires just isn’t enough anymore, authors Mark A. Stein and Lilith Christiansen say. Benefits forms, an office tour and a copy of the official values statement don’t take advantage of the investment you’re making in that new hire.

In Successful Onboarding, Stein and Christiansen show how to make the business case for more-substantial onboarding programs that better integrate new hires into the workplace and the organization’s mission. They focus on four areas in which the employer, through HR, needs to support new hires:

  • Teaching culture. Employers may think they have “company culture” covered already with mission and vision statements. But real culture exists in the unwritten rules of how things actually get done each day, and employers need to teach that culture so new hires “get it.” Who really has final say over projects, despite what the organizational chart says? Are hallway chats, rather than formal meetings, where decisions are made? Are disputes handled formally or are employees expected to work things out on their own?

    To introduce new hires to these unspoken rules, the book shows how to do a cultural audit. It offers a list of sample tactics, from letting experienced employees give “secrets to success” talks to creating online learning modules.
  • Making connections. The authors emphasize the need for professional and personal networking, and advise employers on how to nurture networking. The book outlines types of formal and informal networks. Tips show how to help new hires activate relationships, such as encouraging the creation of “affinity groups” of employees with similar interests or using technology such as social networking to link new hires to each other and other employees.
  • Providing early career support. Employers need to dust off their underused mentoring, development and feedback systems and use them for new hires, as well as develop oversight that allows new hires to learn from mistakes rather than be punished for them.
  • Showing the bigger picture. Stein and Christiansen discuss introducing new hires to customers, resources, products, competition and stakeholders so these employees see where their jobs affect the whole.

The book also covers what employers need to make onboarding effective, including mentoring programs, onboarding software and processes for measuring how well onboarding is working."

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Name Successful Onboarding
SKU 48.34560
Year published 2010
Page count 304
Publisher McGraw-Hill
ISBN 978-0071739375
Author Mark Stein, Lilith Christiansen
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