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Workforce Planning

Recertification Hours: 15

Intended Audience & Competencies
Intended Audience
  • Is a generalist or senior specialist.
  • Typically has 3-7 years of HR experience.
  • Manages projects or program.
  • Holds a formal title such as, but not limited to, HR Manager, Generalist, or Senior Specialist.

  • Senior-Level
  • Is a very experienced generalist or specialist.
  • Typically has 8-14 years of HR experience.
  • Holds a formal title such as, but not limited to, Senior Manager, Director, or Principal.

  • Competencies
    HR Expertise
    Leadership & Navigation
    Relationship Management

    Program Overview
    An organization requires a workforce that possesses the knowledge, skill, ability, values, ethics, competencies and behaviors to support the implementation and achievement of its strategies and objectives to maintain their competitive advantage. Workforce Planning is a highly coveted skill needed to support the successful implementation of an organizations talent management strategy.

    Workforce Planning allows leaders’ to make well informed decisions and solve pressing business challenges or mitigating business risks, by accessing succinct data that ties the organizations strengths and weaknesses to its human capital.

    This interactive program will assist HR practitioners in the creation and integration of a workforce planning strategy unique to their own organization by delivering a foundation of theory and incorporates real life examples that give practical hands-on experience that can be immediately applied.

    Program Objectives
    • Analyze the organizational environment including future business challenges and their likely impact on the workforce.
    • Integrate workforce planning into the strategic plan of the organization.
    • Describe the key steps to developing a strategic workforce plan including analysis, forecasting, strategy development and cost modeling.
    • Create or refine a framework for your organizations workforce planning strategy.

    Daily Schedule
    Each Day: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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    Delivery Options & Fees

    2-Day Seminar

    Apr 15 - 16, 2014
    Indianapolis, IN, USA
    Member: $1,095.00
    Non-Member: $1,370.00

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