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New York and Federal Labor Law Poster Set -- Spanish


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By purchasing these New York and Federal Labor Law Posters, you agree to the following subscription terms:

Posters Provided – SHRM will provide the above New York and Federal Labor Law Posters set which most all companies with employees in New York State are required by the Federal Department of Labor or the New York Department of Labor to post in their workplaces.

These Spanish version posters should be used in addition to the English versions of these posters, and not in lieu of the English versions.

Based upon the size, type of business, contracts, if any, with the government or location within New York of your company, additional posters may be required by the Federal or New York DOL. For information on the potential for such additional posters, see the New York Department of Labor and the Federal Department of Labor Web sites at: and In addition, see the SHRM Web site at: for a discussion of federal and state poster requirements.

The New York posters provided by SHRM are from the New York DOL, and do not cover other disclosures which New York labor laws require employers to provide to employees by written notification or by posting, such as notification of the employer’s policy on sick leave, vacation, personal leave,  holidays, and hours (N.Y. State Labor Law §195.5), an employee’s right to take blood donation leave (N.Y. State Labor Law § 202-j), or concerning the right of unpaid leave for expressing breast milk (N.Y. State Labor Law § 206-c).

Posters required by agencies other than the DOL are not included (for example, the New York Election Law § 3-111 notice  or the New York Public Health Law § 1399-o No Smoking sign).

Use of Posters - These posters should be posted conspicuously in the workplace so that they are accessible to employees.  In addition if you have employees who work remotely, you should provide the information in these posters to such remote employees as required by law. 

SHRM Replacement/Update Guarantee – If at any time during the one-year term of your subscription, New York or federal laws require any change in the content of the posters which SHRM has provided to you under this subscription, SHRM shall notify you of such requirement and in a timely fashion send to you a replacement poster which complies with such new requirement.

Your Remedies for Breach of This SHRM Guarantee – If your New York location receives a government fine during the one-year term of your Subscription on the basis that the content of the most recent federal or New York poster which SHRM provided to you under this Subscription, SHRM shall reimburse your company for such fine, provided that you submit for reimbursement within thirty (30) days of payment and include a copy of the citation and evidence of payment. SHRM shall not be liable for any improper or incorrect use or placement of the posters, nor shall SHRM be liable for any direct damages (other than the fines referenced above), indirect, incidental, special, consequential (including without limitation loss of reputation), or punitive damages.

Subscription Term – This Subscription shall run for one year from the date of the issuance of the initial posters to your company (such commencement date of the term shall be included in the paperwork sent with such posters).

Dimensions: New York Poster 24 x 27 and Federal Poster 19 x 27

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Name New York and Federal Labor Law Poster Set -- Spanish
Page count Dimensions: New York Poster 24 x 27 and Federal Poster 19 x 27
Publisher SHRM
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