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Win at Work

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- Proven techniques for resolving workplace conflicts - After years of seeing clients struggling and


Proven techniques for resolving workplace conflicts!

After years of seeing clients struggling and their businesses suffering with destructive conflicts, Diane Katz developed The Working Circle, a step-by-step process that helps everyone in business resolve conflict in a non-confrontational, creative, collaborative way. - Win at Work! provides you with a no-nonsense guide based on real-life examples of people at pivotal points in their careers. Filled with practical wisdom, it reveals how you can move around the roadblocks that, if left unattanded, can stop you in your tracks. Win at Work! also helps those of us who are uncomfortable with conflict, giving them tools for solving problems in a nonconfrontational manner. This essential guide:

Offers a proven step-by-step process for conflict resolution

Deals with complex business questions about independence, moral values, face-saving, goal-setting, and leadership

Provides easy language for talking through problems and reaching a relatively painless outcome

Putting aside simple band-aid solutions, Win at Work! is your proven resource for the kind of long-term team-building that ultimately makes the difference in business and organizational success.

Books in Brief Summary in HR Magazine

"Do you face up to the issues you have with a difficult working partner or just allow her to keep causing chaos?

A client is furious. Do you clam up and endure the yelling, or do you address it?

Two people in your workplace are at war constantly. Should you stay neutral or get involved?

These are a few of the conflicts that author and consultant Diane L. Katz says employees at all levels may face in their working lives. In Win at Work!, Katz offers a framework for resolving conflicts through a series of questions she calls the “Working Circle.”

Katz first examines the roots of workplace conflict, including poorly designed jobs, managers who don’t know how to handle conflict, rewards that encourage competition and combativeness, and company cultures that value silence over truth.

She also describes types of workers who instigate conflict for myriad reasons and often unknowingly. Readers learn to identify the loner who doesn’t hear others’ ideas, the know-it-all who wants to stand out no matter what, the boss who can’t delegate and the gossip who unwittingly pits team members against each other.

Katz guides readers toward identifying their own personal styles of conflict resolution through a questionnaire, and then reviews the pros and cons of different personal problem-solving styles.

The author poses eight common challenges and uses case studies to walk readers through the ways participants used her key questions to work through conflicts. Those eight questions start by assessing the situation and figuring out what’s negotiable, then move through how participants feel about the situation and what game plan participants want to try."

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Name Win at Work
SKU 48.63532
Year published 2010
Page count 237
Publisher Wiley
ISBN 9780470599174
Author Diane Katz
Format Hardback
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