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Latino Talent

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By 2050, Latinos will make up one-quarter of the U.S. population and nearly triple in number to 97 m

By 2050, Latinos will make up one-quarter of the U.S. population and nearly triple in number to 97 million. For businesses, this demographic shift means a larger Latino consumer market and a growing Latino workforce. Latino Talent presents practical strategies for companies that need help understanding and managing a workforce with an increasingly Latino identity and tapping into a booming Latino consumer market.

In order to better connect with Latino consumers, many businesses will require a better understanding of Latino culture. Here Dr. Robert Rodriguez helps business leaders grasp the cultural differences they can't afford to ignore and shows them how to enhance their employment brand within the Latino community - building positive word-of-mouth and increased appeal with Latino consumers. With a deeper knowledge of the Latino community and the differences between it and other communities - as well as ethnic and cultural differences within the different Latino communities that make up the whole - businesses will be better able to hire top Latino talent and profit from a healthy relationship with Latino consumers.

Latino Talent provides vital information on important subjects, including:

  • The growing importance of the Latino community in business and economics

  • An overview of the most important Latino demographic statistics and the implications these metrics have on the workplace

  • Basic issues in Latino culture and community that business leaders need to understand

  • Practical solutions and workable strategies for recruiting and keeping Latino talent

  • Guidance on building a positive employment brand with Latinos

  • Best practices from companies that excel at recruiting and retaining Latinos

  • Strategies and recommendations for professional growth for Latino employees and their managers

  • Guidelines on promoting and developing inclusive, integrated workplaces

  • Dr. Rodriguez's personal insight and advice on being a Latino professional

Increased purchasing power among the Latino community will make it imperative that many businesses hire more Latino talent to help them understand and gain access to this growing market. For business leaders who want to prepare themselves and their organizations for America's changing demographics - or tap into the growing influence of Latino consumers - Latino Talent is an indispensable resource.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The Business Case for Latino Diversity.

Chapter 2: Latino Demographics and Terminology.

Chapter 3: Latino Cultural Aspects.

Chapter 4: Improving Latino Recruiting Effectiveness.

Chapter 5: Retaining Latino Employees.

Chapter 6: Latino Leadership Development.

Chapter 7: Shaping the Future.

Chapter 8: From One Latino to Another.

Chapter 9: Latino Organizations.


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